In a city or on a countryside?

   Statistically more and more people prefer to live in a city with all the amenities. All that one needs for life is also present in Taevasilma, where the comforts of city life are blended with the benefits of living in the heart of untouched nature.

Connection to the world

   When considering the prospect of moving to a countryside outside a city, one should focus on a good connection to the center. You can choose from a variety of transportation from Taevasilma such as buses, cars, taxis, and electric trains.

The forest begins at the front door

   If you can value all that only clean nature can offer, then Taevasilma is the right place for you. The pine forest that starts from the outer courtyard is an emotion that is very difficult to give up.

Everything within reach

   Taevasilma’s area has its own kindergarten - primary school, middle school, hobby school, a variety of playgrounds, fitness trails, athletic facility’s pool, a gym with a fitness studio, a tennis center, family physicians’ center, coffee houses, stores, etc.