Terraced house

The size of the apartment is no less, than 115.1 m2

In addition to two parking spots there is a 53 - 385 m2 personal garden

Energy class B

Five rooms with a comfortable design

Popular Veskimöldre living environment

The closest kindergarten and primary school are less than 450 m as the crow flies

Finalized infrastructure in the whole housing area

Harmonious environment

   Everything in Taevasilma is in harmonious order. The untouched nature and high vegetation create a lovely background for the tastefully arranged Taevasilma’s terraced houses. The open plots on the edge provide the opportunity for further landscaping via high vegetation.

Developed infrastructure

   Although the pinery begins at the front door, there are also a kindergarten - primary school, coffee houses, stores and shopping centers and you can access the city via car, train, or bus. The vibrant living environment in the midst of a fairy-tale forest is perfected by illuminated walking and cycling paths as well as roads.

Safe district

   The people living in the district make it safe. The people who traverse between Veskimöldre and Taevasilma often greet each other with a friendly “hello“ (“tere”) and it’s a delightfully catchy habit. Feeling safety in your home makes you willing to contribute more into keeping it so. Especially, if you have lived in a neighborhood with an unsupportive community.

You have made it home

   An new inhabitant to Taevasilma may find oneself pondering on a peculiar thought, whether one has been here before. Home is where the heart is — these roads and gates, groves, playgrounds and elegantly designed houses fit perfectly with you and your family’s lifestyle. Whether you feel like a quest or a formerly missing puzzle piece in Taevasilma, can only be ascertained during a visit.